Brand Biography

I am King Clava - a researcher, DJ (not the artist type), and an Educator hailing from rural Jamaica. My life has been shaped by an unbridled imagination and  a curiosity and craving for the unknown.

My mode of operation, since then, was always to share. With a career spanning more than a decade in formal education, my focus has shifted towards bridging the gap between academic corridors and the vibrant streets of everyday society. My passions are deeply rooted music and society, language and language learning, and culture. 

The XPRNS is your destination for immersive education and cultural celebration. Let King Clava be your guide to understanding the artistry that unites music, language, and society.

I introduce to you Di  XPRNS, a multi-faceted brand with an innovative approach to learning and development. This platform is designed to introduce a novel and exhilarating approach to learning and personal growth.


Anchored in my unwavering belief in the potency of music, the intricacies of linguistics, the power of culture and the art of language instruction, my mission revolves around unearthing the dynamic heart of Caribbean English Creole, with a particular focus on Jamaican English Creole.

By interweaving the realms of music, language culture and education, I accentuate the extraordinary ability of diverse music genres to weave narratives, communicate messages, and unveil profound insights about society, culture, and life.


The ethos of this brand lies in leveraging this seamless fusion to provide individuals with an immersive journey that transcends conventional boundaries.

See my introduction video here.